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Free iPad lettering workshop

You’ve seen the amazing capabilities of digital lettering on the iPad, but you’re confused by all the features of the Procreate app (or maybe you didn’t even know which app you needed!).

Ready to learn iPad lettering once and for all? We’ve got you covered. Join us on Monday, April 29 at 7pm Eastern for a FREE Workshop. Sign up below so we can send you the access link! 

Here’s what we’ll cover during the workshop:

  • An overview of the Procreate App interface
  • How to import photos
  • How to letter a quote using a digital brush
  • How to customize brushes
  • How to change the colors of your letters and background
  • How to edit and adjust your quote layout
  • How and why to use layers
  • How to export and share your work
  • Q&A Session at the end

We invite you to follow along with the workshop on your iPad, as we take you step-by-step through the process. You’ll be able to watch the recording afterwards, too, in case you want to repeat the project.

We hope you’ll join us! Just enter your info below and we’ll send you the info on how to access this free online workshop.

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