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“Learning something creative often seems overwhelming at first, not with Jillian and Jordan though. These twins mastered the art of breaking down even the most complex concept into digestible easy-to-follow steps.Their teaching method guarantees a structured approach that is sure to be successful!”

Myriam Frisano, halfapx

“Jillian and Jordan have created a thorough, well-explained, and FUN book filled to the brim with lettering, calligraphy, and design tips!

Their friendly expertise will guide you through your learning journey and excite you to try it yourself!”

Sarah Richardson, Calligrapher

“Jillian and Jordan are experts in their field, and their teaching style is relaxed, enjoyable, and easy to follow along with at any skill level.

If you thought you couldn’t learn lettering, Jillian and Jordan will show you that you can.”

Erin Demoney, The Petite Planner

“Jillian and Jordan are SUCH a great resource- whether you’re a beginner looking to get started with hand lettering, or you’ve been trying it for a while and can’t seem to crack the code. Their teaching style is approachable, fun, and most importantly, formulaic– their simple, step-by-step approach will help you understand that you don’t need to be a seasoned artist to be able to create gorgeous hand lettering!”

Becca Courtice, The Happy Ever Crafter

“As a college professor, I am amazed at the level of intricate and comprehensive instruction provided in this book. Jillian and Jordan’s teaching style strikes the perfect balance between beauty and practicality and their methods have transformed this complete lettering novice into a budding artist in a mere matter of months. When it comes to learning how to letter, this book is a must-have!”

Sophia Taylor, Taylor of All Trades