Have you ever found yourself with some free time, a great pen, a blank page… and NOTHING to write?

That’s the worst feeling – being stuck. We’ve compiled some ideas to help get you UN-stuck next time you’re ready to roll.

1. Song lyrics

Got a line from a song stuck in your head? Letter it! You can pick just a few words, or a whole verse like this one.

2. Pangrams

pangram is a phrase that contains all the letters of the alphabet. Here’s one of our favorites

3. Make a Gift

Holidays and birthdays are a great time to make gifts for loved ones. Pick your friend’s favorite quote or find a phrase that describes them, and create something special.


Inspirational quotes, movie quotes, book quotes… they all provide a way to show your personality while also challenging you to think about the layout, since  many quotes can be fairly long. Browse some ideas here.

5. Tools

Sometimes when we’re using a new tool, we just write the name of the tool or color. Simple and literal, but fun!

6. One word, multiple styles

Pick a word to write. Just look around the room and see what catches your eye. Then, try writing it in as many different styles as you can think of.

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Follow @loveleighloops for more #loveleighstyles so you can learn a bunch of new lettering styles! . Wouldn’t it be cool to have a lettering buddy who can critique and correct your work? Spoiler alert: it’s pretty amazing! Swipe to see the original piece I sent to Jordan, who marked her suggestions. She’s definitely the flourishing expert and is way better at the formal style on our team, while I gravitate towards more modern styles like Bounce lettering. . Thanks to all who suggested words for this post. Want us to keep going? Comment a few words below that you want us to write in these styles and we may pick yours 😊 —Jillian . PS Find yourself a lettering buddy! You can share your feedback and improve in a safe and loving way. It’s a win for both of you Created in @procreate on iPad Pro . . #ipadlettering #ipadcalligraphy #procreatelettering #procreatecalligraphy #loveleighloops #loveleighlessons #showusyourtype #lettercise #handlettering #digitallettering #loveleighstyles

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7. Participate in a Lettering challenge!

We host a daily lettering challenge in our free Facebook Community. Please join us! Just click here and request to join, or search for “Loveleigh Loops Calligraphy Community” on Facebook.

Here’s an example of one of our word-of-the-day themes:

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Announcing our October #LoveleighLetters Challenge: Fall and Halloween words! 🍁👻🕷🎃 . Use any tool in any lettering style—all skill levels are welcome. Post with the hashtag #loveleighletters so we can see your work. . Thank you to our awesome team for creating this challenge: Melissa (@melissa.tries.lettering), Amina (@aminakara86), Tessa (@tessahyatt), and Shilpa (@letterswithshilpa) . #loveleighletters #letteringchallenge #octoberletteringchallenge #fallvibes #halloween2019 #autumnvibes #loveleighlettersoctober #loveleighloops @letteringchallengehq #letteringnewbie #moderncalligraphy #brushlettering #calligraphy #handlettering #createeveryday #letteringdaily

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