The step-by-step analytical process:

Learn how to develop your own unique & cohesive lettering style.


Picture this.

You've taken a beginner lettering class to learn the basics. You feel pretty good about how things are going.

But once you scroll through Instagram or Pinterest, you can't help but feel discouraged.

"How has everyone else cracked the code to standing out with a unique style?? All my stuff looks so... basic." 

You’d love to create work that is distinct and unique, or at least something that doesn't feel like you're copying someone else's style. But you just can't figure out where to start.  

"I see so many other styles that I love, but I don't know how to find or create my OWN unique style..." --Sound like you?

We've been there! But imagine for a moment... 

Having a system to organize all the pieces of inspiration you find

Knowing a step-by-step process for exploring and defining styles

Understanding the specific nuances that create certain looks

Feeling confident in a unique lettering style that's truly yours

Style Study Bootcamp teaches you all of this ...and more!

The complete step-by-step program to analyzing & implementing stylistic choices so you can walk away with a signature style guide, a repeatable process, and a whole new level of confidence. 

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Hi! We're your teachers, Jordan and Jillian. We're twin sisters who have been studying calligraphy and lettering since 2015, and we're well known for our analytical teaching style.

We cracked the code on how to analyze and define styles and have created a step-by-step process to go from "What's style?" to "I have a unique, defined style that I'm proud of!". We promise to guide every step of the way.

What does Style Study Bootcamp include?

We've created a comprehensive course that gives you all tools you need!

  •  5+ hours of video lessons split into bite-sized pieces
  •  80+ page actionable workbook
  •  300+ examples to expose you to new styles
  •  Tech trainings (so technology doesn't hold you back!)
  •  Checklists to help keep you on track
  •  Template for Your Signature Style Guide

The course is online. You get lifetime access across any device.

Video Lessons


Lifetime Access


By the end of the course, you will have:

  • A style inspiration board with a section of favorites 
  • Learned how to recognize the nuances of over 20 style components 
  • Completed self-discovery exercises to unearth subconscious stylistic preferences 
  • Your signature style 2-page reference guide 
  • Confidence knowing that your style that is truly your own, not a knock-off
  • Resoures for taking focused next steps 
  • A process that you can repeat again and again as your style evolves  



Hello from Jillian & Jordan! Tips on the Best Way to Experience the Course

1: Intro to Style

Our definition of Style Why have your own style? What makes you unique? 

2: Tech Trainings

How to use Pinterest including tips for organizing your pins & boards How to discover and save Instagram posts 

3: Inspiration Collection

How to set up an inspiration vault Collect and find new inspiration Organize and narrow it down

4: Self-Discovery

Self-discovery exercise and analysis to uncover subconsious preferences Bonus: Examples from J&J! 

5: Style Characteristics 

In-depth exploration of style characteristics in 8 categories, illustrated using over 120 examples

6: Characterization

Make the connection between the style characteristics and your style inspiration

7: Style Analysis

Analyze and complete specific exercises to figure out which aspect of each characteristics fits your style

8: Your Style Guide

Put everything together in a 2-page template to create Your Signature Style Guide 

9: Inspiration vs. Copying

Tips for sourcing images and giving credit How to make sure you're not copying

10: Continue Growing

How to continue growing & refining your style including our favorite resources

11: Course Wrap-Up

Walk away from the course with a wealth of new knowledge, a personalized reference guide, and a process you can repeat

Check out these two pictures of the same quote. 

Would you say that the second one has more style?



Not only is the second one more cohesive & defined, but it was created with more confidence. 

If you stick with the course, we promise that you'll not only see a difference between your first and last piece, but you'll also FEEL so much more confident.

Who is Style Study Bootcamp for?

Style Study Bootcamp is perfect if you...

  •  Have the basics down and you're ready to start experimenting with style
  •  Want to develop style but don't know where to start
  •  Have tried some styles but can't pinpoint one that feels like your own
  •  Want to feel confident in your unique style
  •  Prefer a step-by-step process for taking action
  •  Enjoy learning in a logical, analytical way
  •  Are interested in the small details that produce the big picture
  •  Want to finally put your inspiration into action

The course is NOT for you if...

  •  You feel confident in your style and aren't interested in exploring other options
  •  Studying the details of lettering doesn't interest you
  •  You're completely brand new and are looking for a course on lettering basics

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I'm a beginner? No prior lettering experience is required, although having some basic knowledge of lettering concepts and terminology will be helpful. And if you are a true beginner, taking this course will give you a HUGE head start because of all the lettering styles you'll be exposed to :) 

What supplies do I need? You'll be taking a LOT of notes (the workbook has over 80 pages!), so a pen will be necessary. If you don't have a printer, a notebook or plenty of lined paper will work as well. You'll also need a computer or device with an internet connection to be able to watch the videos. 

Will this course teach me how to letter all the styles I want to learn? If we were to teach you how to letter ALL the styles and how to create them, there would be months of content and it would cost thousands of dollars! That's because there's so many options. 

There aren't any "how to letter" tutorials in the course. Instead, we're focusing on how to analyze stylistic choices, discover your preferences, and implement what you've learned. Once you have things narrowed down, we'll help point you in the right direction so you can find resources that teach you how to letter.

When does the course begin and end? The course begins as soon as you enroll, and doesn't expire! You can watch the lessons as many times as you'd like. 

How long do I have access to the course? Lifetime access - across any and all devices you own. And because we've organized this into a step-by-step process, you can repeat it as you continue to grow and evolve as an artist.

Ready to jump in?

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  •  80+ worksheet pages 
  •  300+ inspiration images 
  •  Checklists to keep you on track 
  •  Your Signature Style Guide
  •  Lifetime Access

"Freakin' awesome! Learned so much. Look forward to going through the course again and again as my style evolves." 

-Christine S., Style Study Bootcamp student