Create your own hand-lettered envelopes without the fuss of drawing (and erasing) pencil lines!

These templates are perfect for using with a light pad. Simply place the envelope on top of the template and put both on the light pad so that you can see the template lines through the envelope. Works best for lighter colored envelopes. Watch how it works in this video timelapse!


Template Sizes: A2, A6, A7, A8, A9, A10

Style 1: Name in calligraphy, Address in all caps







Style 2: Name and address in calligraphy







What’s included? 

You’ll get a 13-page instant download PDF of the templates. Each of the 6 sizes has a template for Style 1 and Style 2. You’ll also get a sizing reference chart that shows the dimensions of each envelope and its insert.

**Please note that the templates will print at specific dimensions based on US Letter Paper. Make sure that scale is set to 100% in print settings**