What if you could make money doing something you love or practicing a new hobby you want to spend more time on? If you’re interested in making money with the Procreate app, keep reading!

We have a number of students in our Procreate program who were already making money doing hand lettering. But now, with their new Procreate skills, they can uplevel (or even change for) their offers while continuing to hone their skills.

Here are just a few ways to make money with Procreate.

Lettering Projects

While many people start by selling hand-lettered work on paper, using Procreate can speed up your workflow. There are so many benefits of digital lettering that make it ideal for creating many projects, quickly.

Lettering projects in Procreate can range from printable quotes, to sayings for screen printing and sticker sheets, or fun graphics for Instagram. And because Procreate is digital, you can easily change the color or customize a few words for your customer. You can also open a print-on-demand shop so you don’t have the hassle of printing and shipping–let your customers order, and the printing company takes care of the rest.

Digital Illustrations

Moving away from lettering, a lot of Procreate artists create illustrations to sell as digital files. There’s a need for new, original illustrations for consumers to use–both animated and still. These can range from small icons to full-page illustrations, to repeatable backgrounds for websites and graphic templates.

Create Graphics for Another Business

Just like digital illustrations, many business owners are looking for creative ways to promote their brands. Often they’d rather hire out this process to someone like you to create customized graphics, promotional materials, and even logos. Offering graphic creation on a project basis or in bundles is a good way to develop a recurring revenue stream with your Procreate talents.

Commissioned Artwork

No matter what kind of Procreate projects you create, commissioned artwork allows you to both try out new styles and tools, and get a good handle of what’s new and popular out there. You might want to start with friends and family. Then post those projects on your website as examples of what you can do. The biggest challenge you’ll have here is determining your pricing. Remember to include both the cost of supplies and the time it takes you to complete the project when considering your prices.


Once you become proficient in your digital artwork, you can create tutorials for others who are just getting started. This is where we focus in our business because we love to teach both hobbyists and aspiring lettering professionals how to do what we do. When you’re an expert in your field, people will be willing to pay for your knowledge such as a workshop or online course.

Create Fonts

Procreate is a fantastic tool for preparing your lettering for font-making. That’s how we created our first font–creating the sketches in Procreate, then importing it into a font-making software on your computer. We learned the entire font-making process in an incredible online course, which opens for enrollment periodically.

How to Get Started Making Money with Procreate

You’ve decided what you want to do for your new business venture, but what’s the next step?

To create an online business, you’ll need to develop a website, have a social media presence, and set up a shop so your customers can find and pay you.

Your Website

Your website doesn’t need to be anything fancy. That said, it does need to show examples of your work, testimonials from happy customers, and some information about you. Be sure to include a photo of you working your magic so potential customers can see who they’re buying from. Don’t forget to include contact information so people know how to reach you!

Social Media Presence

Social media is a great way to be found online, if done right. Choose one or two platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, for posting your work and establish business accounts. Then develop a strategy for promoting your business. This could include videos of you creating projects, inspiration for how to use your creations, testimonials from happy customers, and even some behind the scenes of your life. You can also share content from others in complementary businesses so you can forge a supportive community.

Online Shop

Your potential customers need a way to buy products from you, so an online shop is necessary. Etsy is usually a good place to start as it is also a search engine, allowing potential customers to find you in the marketplace.

Of course, if you’re going to be in business you’ll also want to continually improve your craft and find new ways to be found online.