The Procreate App makes it possible to create animations based on your artwork. It takes some practice to get used to how it works, but once you understand the behind-the-scenes workings, making animations is so addicting.

^We’ll show you exactly how to make this GIF!

We like to think of animations as a flipbook (didn’t everyone make those as kids??) where each “page” is a Procreate Layer. Let us explain in this video, where you’ll also create your first animation with our easy-to-follow-steps:

Ready to learn more advanced techniques?

Check out our full online course: Procreate Lettering Animations.

You’ll learn how to make 7 more GIFs that each require a different type of animation. We’ll walk you through the exact process step-by-step so that by the end, you’ll not only have 8 complete animations, you’ll also have a firm understanding of how to employ the features of Procreate to make your own.

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