How to Add Gold Foil to Lettering Projects


How to foil hand lettered work

Gold foil is an easy way to make your pieces shine! This post goes over one of several methods that work for applying foil:

Gold Foil Tools:


  1. Turn on laminator – allow it to heat up for at least 5 minutes
  2. Print a design in toner ink. For hand drawn designs, make a copy of your original with a laser printer. NOTE: This method does NOT work with inkjet printers
  3. Trim the foil to completely cover the design
  4. Place foil on design with color/shiny side facing up
  5. Run your design and the foil through the laminator. Tip: use a folded piece of copy paper as a carrier sheet to prevent jams
  6. Allow design to cool
  7. Gently peel away the foil sheet to reveal your design
  8. Try it out and tag us on Instagram! @loveleighloops

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