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Not to brag, but our calligraphy students are pretty amazing.

Scroll through some of their work below to get inspired!

Jillian and Jordan are wonderful teachers!!  

Through them I have learned so much and have become more comfortable with brush pens and hand lettering.

– Jessica Collins

Courses: Faux Real Calligraphy, Brush lettering Bootcamp, March of the Capitals, Flourishing Fundamentals

I took the Simple to Spectacular & Flourishing Fundamentals and I have to say AMAZING.  You two are the best. I am so passionate about the lettering movement and I am so glad you two fabulous ladies are helping me become a better version of me.  Words cannot express how blessed I feel that I found you!!!!

My work isn’t by far the best but I really just wanted you to see my progress from just a month or so.  This is thanks to your skills as teachers. I am slow, but I am practicing as much as I possibly can. Thanks again for your help and constant guidance.  

– Tracy Tanner

Courses: Simple to Spectacular, Flourishing Fundamentals

Jordan took what looked like a bunch of squiggles and was able to break down the variety of strokes that it took to create a flourish. The amount of modules and videos were well worth the money.

She was always available for feedback. Both ladies are very patient, and very pleasant! I would definitely take another course from them!

– Barb Lindgren

Courses: Flourishing Fundamentals

Instagram: @loveallthingsart

The instructions on Loveleigh Loops were easy to follow with clear and precise examples.  

The teaching style is just what I needed! Then I followed along with the Simple to Spectacular class and learned some basic flourishing. I’m not great yet, but because of Loveleigh Loops, I’m learning.  I send cards each year to my four adult daughters for Mother’s Day. This year I decided to try out what I have learned from Loveleigh Loops on the cards. Four times! Two in black ink, two in silver.

– Sue Pratt

Courses: Simple to Spectacular, YouTube videos

I loved Jillian and Jordan’s teaching style when I took their Faux Calligraphy course in September 2017. They focused on making sure their students understood the basics and techniques, and I love how involved they were in giving their students feedback, especially all the positive encouragement.

These girls are what prompted me to immediately sign up for their BLB course and I’m so glad I did because I have learned so much about lettering, more than I ever did on my own.

– Charlene DuBeau

Courses: Faux Calligraphy, Brush Lettering Bootcamp

Loveleigh Loops Style of teaching is amazing, very organized, detailed and consistent. Always open-minded encouraging to create your own Style. The whole business strategy keeps us really motivated with complementary features that enhances and engages everyone to explore and practice in a supportive way.

Thank you indeed for sharing your detailed expertise, worthy tips with so much passion!

– Agustina Z. from Buenos Aires- Argentina

Courses: Faux Real Calligraphy, Simple to Spectacular

My name is Kim Mattice I took the free Faux Calligraphy course. I have learned how to slow down with my handwriting. The picture I have included is my before (the blue writing) my after (after we learned the lowercase) and my after (after we learned the capitals).

Jordan and Jillian are amazing teachers. They are always there to answer questions and explain things thoroughly. Love learning new ways of writing from these amazing ladies!

– Kim Mattice

Courses: Faux Real Calligraphy, Letter Logic, Brush Lettering Bootcamp, Flourishing Fundamentals

Thanks to you guys Jillian & Jordan for improving my hand lettering skills. I enjoyed each and every tutorials of yours and all live sessions too. I like the way you explain which is very clear, and the way you guys encourage us is amazing. The way you give responses to our messages is rarely sees in any other tutorials.

– Asiya 

Course: Simple to Spectacular

Jillian and Jordan’s approach make it easy for a beginner like me! I had done absolutely no calligraphy up until 5 months ago, when I enrolled in the Real Faux Calligraphy course. That course was a great foundation for every other course I’ve done with them. They highlight basic strokes and make it so fun to learn different styles of calligraphy!

Hello 2018 is my “before” picture and the other two brush letter quotes are my “after” pictures.

– Cassie Ward

Courses: Real Faux Calligraphy, March Of The Capitals, Simple to spectacular, BLB self paced, Complete Guide to Bounce Lettering