Brush Pen Warm-Ups and Swatch Guide

Free Worksheets

Warming up is important when practicing brush pen lettering. In our free worksheet set, you’ll get warm-up drills for brush pens in four sizes, blank guide sheets, PLUS example swatches of 16 different brush pens. Sign up below and we’ll email them to you right away:

How do you use brush pens?

The first thing we ever do when trying a new brush pen or getting ready to letter is warm up. We do a series of strokes to get comfortable with the brush flexibility and ink flow.

We created these worksheets to show you the exact strokes we use when testing a new pen or warming up. We even scanned in our warm-up sheets for sixteen pens so you can see real stroke sizes, textures, and colors side-by-side.

Here’s everything that’s included in the free download:

  • Our top 3 tips for getting started with brush pens for lettering
  • Warm-up examples for four sizes of brush pens
  • Brush pen strokes from 16 popular pens that we wrote and scanned for you
  • Four pages of blank guidelines (one for each size)

To download the PDF, simply enter your information below. We’ll send it to you in an email, and you’ll be able to save it to your computer and print. Hope you enjoy!

-Jillian & Jordan