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The Loveleigh Loops Brush Pen Bracket took place during March 2019. Each day, there was a face-off between two brush pens in a single-elimination tournament. Whichever pen got more votes moved onto the next round. This article summarizes the tournament and includes embedded videos demonstrating characteristics of each pen. Enjoy!
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Match-Up 1: Tombow Fudenosuke vs. Pentel Sign Touch

Tombow Fudenosuke brush pens come in a 2-pack of black (one hard tip, one soft tip) as well as a 10-pack of colored hard tips. For this bracket, we’ll be focusing on the black hard tip pen.

Pentel Sign Touch pens come in 12 colors. There’s another set that looks a lot like these brush pens that are actually fine-liners, so make sure you get the right ones here!

Winner: Pentel Sign Touch! 

It was a tough choice, and many of you had trouble deciding, but in the end Pentel won with 54% of the votes. Here are some of the reasons why the voters chose Pentel over Tombow:

  • It’s easy to use and control
  • The nib is a nice flexibility
  • Vibrant, saturated colors
  • Durable and doesn’t fray easily

Match-Up 2: Zebra Fude Sign vs. Kelly Creates Fine Black

Both of these pens were new to us at the beginning of the bracket, but we are loving them as a small-tip alternative to the pens from Match-up #1.

The Zebra Fude sign brush pens come in a 4-pack on Amazon with extra fine, fine, and medium sizes, plus one gray pen.

Kelly Creates has a 3-pack of black brush pens, which is how we came across the fine tip one.

Winner: Zebra Fude!

This was a clear victory as Zebra had 64% of the votes. The main difference is that the Zebra has much richer, dark ink. We love that it comes in a 4-pack of various sizes, too! Here are some highlights from the voters:

  • Bolder, blacker ink
  • Durable, firm tip
  • Writes smoothly with consistent strokes
  • Variety of sizes

Match-Up 3: Kelly Creates Medium vs. Faber-Castell Pitt

Now we’re getting into the first medium-tip brush pens of the bracket.

The Kelly Creates medium tip came in the 3-pack of black brush pens, and the Faber-Castell Pitt Artist brush pen is available in a set of colors.

Winner: Faber-Castell Pitt!

Winning in a landslide victory with 71% of the votes vs. the Kelly Creates medium brush pen, here are some reasons why the Faber-Castell Pitt Artist brush pen was victorious:

  • Flexible yet resilient nibs
  • Pigmented ink doesn’t fade
  • Gorgeous color selection
  • Long-lasting
  • Reversible nibs

Match-Up 4: Sakura Koi Coloring Brush vs. Marvy ColorIn Brush

The Sakura Koi Coloring Brush comes in 48 beautiful colors, but you can get started with the 24-pk here.

The Marvy ColorIn Brush pens come in several different color sets, including pastel and bright.

Winner: Sakura Koi Coloring Brush!

The vote was super close (54% to 46%). Here are some of the reasons you guys loved it:

  • Awesome color selection
  • Reasonable price
  • Nib is perfect flexibility
  • Effortless ink flow
  • Short barrel makes it very portable

Match-Up 5: Kuretake Zig Brushables vs. Fudebiyori

It’s a Kuretake Zig showdown! The Brushables are a dual-tip brush pen (both ends are brushes!) and they have a beautiful selection of pigmented ink.

The Fudebiyori comes in tons of colors, has an awesome nib, and is small enough to stick in your purse.

Winner: Brushables!

I think everyone can agree how HARD the choice was between the Zig Brushables and Fudebiyori—and the voting reflected that! The vote was split 50.7% to 49.3% — the closest yet. But in the end, the dual-sided Brushables won. Here are some reasons why:

  • Dual-tipped
  • Great range of colors
  • Juicy ink
  • Doesn’t fray easily
  • Pigment, fade-resistant ink

Match-Up 6: Tombow Dual Brush vs. Artist’s Loft Dual Brush

Tombow and Artist’s Loft manufacture dual-sided water-based brush pens with a brush on one side and a bullet tip on the other.

Winner: Tombow Dual Brush!

With a whopping 84% of the votes, the Tombow Dual Brush pen beat out the Artist’s Loft in this match-up. Lots of great reasons why the Tombows won below:

  • Tons of colors to choose from (100+!)
  • Great for blending, especially with colorless blender
  • Can purchase individually
  • Affordable and widely available
  • Can be used for watercolor

Match-Up 7: Artline Stix vs. Crayola Signature Brush Pen

Learn more about the Artline Stix and the Crayola Signature Brush in the videos below!

Winner: Artline Stix!

This one was another landslide victory! Artline Stix beat Crayola with 82% of the votes. Here’s why it won:

  • Easy to control
  • Fun to play with (like Legos!)
  • Work on lots of types of paper
  • Durable nib
  • Awesome and unique colors

Match-Up 8: Karin Brushmarker Pro vs. Ecoline Brush Pen

If you’re looking for a beautiful, juicy watercolor brush pen… you definitely need to get your hands on either the Karin or Ecoline watercolor brush pens.

Winner: Ecoline!

Wow, that was a close one! With just 52% of the votes, Ecoline beat out Karin for these reasons:

  • Natural gradients
  • Amazing control
  • Long-lasting (reversible nibs)
  • Smooth to write with
  • Beautiful hairlines
  • Juicy ink


The winners that you’ve picked throughout the competition so far will now face one another in the semi-finals. Only FOUR pens will move onto the next round, so vote wisely!

Semi-Finals Match-Up 1: Pentel Touch vs. Zebra Fude

Winner: Pentel!

SEMI-FINALS Match-Up 2: Faber-Castell vs. Sakura Koi

Winner: Faber-Castell!

SEMI-FINALS Match-Up 3: Zig Brushables vs. Tombow Dual

Winner: Tombow!

SEMI-FINALS Match-Up 4: Artline Stix vs. Ecoline

Winner: Ecoline!


The winners that you’ve picked in the semi-finals go head to head in the finals. The two winners will compete in the CHAMPIONSHIP! 

FINALS Match-Up 1: Pentel Touch vs. Faber-Castell Pitt

Winner: Pentel Touch!

FINALS Match-Up 2: Tombow Dual vs. Ecoline

Winner: Tombow Dual!


Pentel Sign Touch vs. Tombow Dual

Winner: Pentel Touch!