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Voting takes place right here on this web page. Scroll down to the match-up of the day to find the poll and cast your vote!

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Check back here daily for video demonstrations of each pen. The workbook download follows along with the tutorials, so you can fill it in as we go.

Here’s the full schedule of match-ups:

Brush Pen Giveaway

Prize: To celebrate the brush pen bracket, we’re hosting a giveaway! One lucky winner will win a set of our favorite brush pens, shipped to you.

Entry: From March 4-19, comment on any of the Facebook polls or Instagram match-up posts telling us WHY you voted for the brush pen you chose. On March 20, we’ll pick one comment from the entire bracket challenge and that person will win the brush pen set! Winner will be chosen randomly.

Don’t forget to download the fill-in-the-blank bracket and worksheet to follow along!

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Match-Up 1: Tombow Fudenosuke vs. Pentel Sign Touch

Tombow Fudenosuke brush pens come in a 2-pack of black (one hard tip, one soft tip) as well as a 10-pack of colored hard tips. For this bracket, we’ll be focusing on the black hard tip pen.

Pentel Sign Touch pens come in 12 colors. There’s another set that looks a lot like these brush pens that are actually fine-liners, so make sure you get the right ones here!

Winner: Pentel Sign Touch!

Match-Up 2: Zebra Fude Sign vs. Kelly Creates Fine Black

Both of these pens were new to us at the beginning of the bracket, but we are loving them as a small-tip alternative to the pens from Match-up #1.

The Zebra Fude sign brush pens come in a 4-pack on Amazon with extra fine, fine, and medium sizes, plus one gray pen.

Kelly Creates has a 3-pack of black brush pens, which is how we came across the fine tip one.

Winner: Zebra Fude!

Match-Up 3: Kelly Creates Medium vs. Faber-Castell Pitt

Now we’re getting into the first medium-tip brush pens of the bracket.

The Kelly Creates medium tip came in the 3-pack of black brush pens, and the Faber-Castell Pitt Artist brush pen is available in a set of colors.

Winner: Faber-Castell Pitt!

Match-Up 4: Sakura Koi Coloring Brush vs. Marvy ColorIn Brush

The Sakura Koi Coloring Brush comes in 48 beautiful colors, but you can get started with the 24-pk here.

The Marvy ColorIn Brush pens come in several different color sets, including pastel and bright.

Winner: Sakura Koi Coloring Brush!

Match-Up 5: Kuretake Zig Brushables vs. Fudebiyori

It’s a Kuretake Zig showdown! The Brushables are a dual-tip brush pen (both ends are brushes!) and they have a beautiful selection of pigmented ink.

The Fudebiyori comes in tons of colors, has an awesome nib, and is small enough to stick in your purse.

Winner: Brushables!

Match-Up 6: Tombow Dual Brush vs. Artist’s Loft Dual Brush

Tombow and Artist’s Loft manufacture dual-sided water-based brush pens with a brush on one side and a bullet tip on the other.

Winner: Tombow Dual Brush!

Match-Up 7: Artline Stix vs. Crayola Signature Brush Pen

Learn more about the Artline Stix and the Crayola Signature Brush in the videos below!

Winner: Artline Stix!

Match-Up 8: Karin Brushmarker Pro vs. Ecoline Brush Pen

If you’re looking for a beautiful, juicy watercolor brush pen… you definitely need to get your hands on either the Karin or Ecoline watercolor brush pens.

Winner: Ecoline!


The winners that you’ve picked throughout the competition so far will now face one another in the semi-finals. Only FOUR pens will move onto the next round, so vote wisely!

SEMI-FINALS Match-Up 1: Pentel Touch vs. Zebra Fude

Winner: Pentel!

SEMI-FINALS Match-Up 2: Faber-Castell vs. Sakura Koi

Winner: Faber-Castell!

SEMI-FINALS Match-Up 3: Zig Brushables vs. Tombow Dual

Winner: Tombow!

SEMI-FINALS Match-Up 4: Artline Stix vs. Ecoline

Winner: Ecoline!


The winners that you’ve picked in the semi-finals go head to head in the finals. The two winners will compete in the CHAMPIONSHIP! 

FINALS Match-Up 1: Pentel Touch vs. Faber-Castell Pitt

Winner: Pentel Touch!

FINALS Match-Up 2: Tombow Dual vs. Ecoline

Winner: Tombow Dual!


Pentel Sign Touch vs. Tombow Dual

Winner: Pentel Touch!

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